Monday, January 08, 2007


September 12 2006 - Not good enough!

So that was the last date of my blog postings... rubbish! lets try to be more regular shall we Tone!!!

Well here goes...

Got promoted at work - rocks!
Bought a new car - rocked!
Crashed new car - Sucked!
Got little run about for £100 - Rocks!
Turned 30 - rocks and sucks!
Christmas - rocks!
New Year - hectic so far!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Because you never know that you've drank too much

Endgadget, Ipod Breathaliser

Well in my experience driving under the influence rarely happens because you don't know you are over the limit. Its usually because you dont care or are that lashed to notice.

Ok hypothetical situation. You've been on the lash for 5 hours after work. You jump in the car but then have a moment of sensibility to grab the breathaliser and find out if you are over the limit. It beeps to say naughty boy. You exit car, lock it and take shanks pony home.

True situation. You've been on the lash for 5 hours after work. You jump in the car, turn the key after picking it up from the floor several times. Drive off home hopefully without hitting anything on the way.

My point is unless these breathalisers are fitted to the ignition of your vehicle they are pretty much pointless devices. You're either gonna drive or not. I do not condone drunk driving whatsoever in fact I will go out of my way to stop it. Its not just others that could get hurt, its me or my friend that could too and thats just something I don't want to happen.

Take the bus, take the train, take a taxi, take shanks pony (walk) instead guys.


Don't Do It!!!

Buy Lego Star Wars II on the Nintendo DS that is. It was programmed by chimps on acid and playtested by an as yet undicovered species whose brains grow in its arse!!

Its crap.

Movement - impossible

Camera - worthless

Responses - poo

AI - should be renamed ARSE

Scrolling Star Wars text - you thought they might have sorted this out by now? think again!

Sound - like pebbles of rabbit poo rattling in a tin can

They are its good points!!!

I hear the PS2 version is sooooooo much better though so will trade mine in for that or the XBX, maybe 360 version. Lucky I bought my copy for £18 and looks like it has a £20 trade in value :)

Friday, September 08, 2006


I succumbed!

Popped down GAME just now and used all my accumulated credit to buy DEAD RISING :)

Heard a load of good stuff from the US gamers about this. It seems to have about 2 weeks of play in it and a lot of replayability. I'm going to use it as a treat after I finish polishing my new motor :)

Can't wait to let the zombie killing commence!



First of all... I have to agree with and say Ha haaa! to Sony. What the f*ck are you thinking delaying your launch in Europe until March 2007! You really think the fans will wait another christmas out for your console? Doubt it, I forsee XB360 sales aplenty come December. You suck! The price is going to be way to high anyway. $600 yeah right! ok so thats probably going to be £600 (you always seem to fleece us brits on the exchange rate!) no one is going to pay that to play games, short of the uber rich. It is not, as in no where near, a Personal Computer Sony!!


In other news me mate Rob, his lovely wife and their good friend Clayton popped over to jolly ol' England to visit the Queen, see London, goto the pub, eat pizza, eat fish and visit Cornwall's hotspots such as Penzance and Lands End :) Good to see you guys again, hope its not so long before the next time!

We all took a trip to Cornwall stopping off first at Stonehenge in the worst traffic I have ever been in!!! We then travelled to Langford Budville to visit Ian, Claire and ickly wickly Logan their brand new spanking baby boy! We gave him his pressies and took some photos and played some Guitar Hero before setting off to Penzance.

I also managed to clock Crossroads on medium difficulty in Guitar Hero while visiting Ian on the way to Cornwall, Noice!!!

We got to Penzance at 12am (midnight) and went pretty much straight to sleep. Awaking in the morning to a smashing brekkie! I had smoked mackerel which I hadn't had for a very long time! We then walked the 4 miles to St. Michaels Mount along the coast in Merizion. We caught a boat over the water to the castle and had lunch there which was for me a mixed seafood hobbler, very nice too! We decided to get the bus back to Penzance and from there we drove down to Lands End. Pretty cool to finally visit this place for me! On the way back we visited the Mako (sp?) theatre which is like 1/4 of an ampitheatre carved into the side of the cliff face! very cool thing. I also finally got my cream tea here which we all ate/drank in the carpark because the place was closing :)

Friday, August 25, 2006


Bloody done it!

Finally got through No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age on Medium difficulty on Guitar Hero!!!!!

Been stuck on it for 2 nights now :) so now I have all the songs unlocked including the bonus gig cash bought ones :) I hear there are one or two that can be unlocked with an Action Replay device but I don't got one so...

I also got my shredder guitar through from those guys rule! Took 1 day for delivery where just about everyone else is out of stock :) I of course attribute the new found ability to slay QOTSA to this new aquisition :) Next I may see about importing a V from *TAC in the States. They even make wireless versions :)

Anyway this kicks soo much arse because now I can let the game beat me on 5 new tracks!! well make that 4 because I just beat Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult ner ner! Included in this last 5 songs is Pantera's Cowboys from Hell and Ozzy's Bark at the Moon! both well hard because I just tried them and failed at around 20% complete each lol.

Another GH success is that I've now managed to get 4 stars or better on all the Easy mode songs :)

Right I'm off to celebrate with a whiskey and water and maybe a couple more attempts at making my fingers bleed!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Guitar Hero (Ace of Spades by SArmstr0ng)



Rocking all night long

I got Guitar Hero yesterday. I now feel like growing my hair long again, buying a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of Marlborough reds!

The game fucking rocks!

I've so far played through easy mode and done about 6 or so tracks on normal mode.

A couple of the tracks done me first time round on easy mode I think they were Queens of the Stone Age and the Cream track.

I may even have some of my own videos up here soon :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Community Arcade

Heard this the other day but just got to sharing it here:

PS sorry about all the YouTube posts below I found their blog this button and went a little crazy. Those guys rock Guitar Hero though eh?!

Been working myself up to buying the game but I reckon it would be more fun with two players.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Guitar Hero Unsung Expert not looking

Cowboys From Hell on Expert, Blind (Guitar Hero)


GH - Mr. S&G - Cowboys from Hell on Expert?

Guitar Hero Mr.S&G - Bark at the Moon on Expert?

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